ZTE Axon M (Foldable Smartphone): Full Review, Price and Release Date

Discussion in 'Huawei' started by Luqtech, Oct 20, 2017.

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    The ZTE Axon M Smartphone is yet to be released, the smartphone is a very unique smartphone because of its special ability to be FOLDABLE, many smartphone manufacturers have tried to make this FOLDABLE smartphone dream a reality for everyone to see but only one company is capable of producing Foldable phones and i will assume you all know this company, but for those who do not know the company, let me give a detailed information about them.
    ZTE is a Chinese Multinational Telecommunications Equipment and Systems company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong China, Since Android supports double window applications, ZTE expects that they will be able to manufacture a smartphone that will be foldable. I have reviewed, watched videos and seen photos of the Axon M myself but i am not completely convinced yet about its potentials.

    The Axon M looks exactly like a laptop with a screen where the keyboard and other accessories are usually arranged apart from the fact that the display screen face outward. A hinge in the middle allows the user to flip one display to the back so both panels are outside. Note that both Screens have different sizes, the secondary screen is thinner than the primary screen, together the two 5.2-inch displays make one 6.75-inch screen.

    The hinge is apparently strong enough to hold the primary and secondary screen in place even when they are totally or slightly apart. The Axon M can be opened up to a maximum (180 degrees) that will enable full screen viewing.

    The Axon M features three modes that you can switch through by tapping the big M button button ZTE added to the Operating Systm Android 7.1 Nougat Nav. bar, this navigation bar brings up four menus that you can select from including: Extend (full screen), Dual (two apps side by side), Mirror (same contents on both screens) and lastly the normal screen format.

    All the three modes i mentioned in the above paragraph are useful in one way or the other . In Dual Mode, it enables efficient multitasking since you can drag and drop information between the both screens, Mirror Mode also has its own benefits as well like i said earlier, they all have useful benefits, In the mirror mode it helps to display PowerPoint presentations or show a YouTube video to someone sitting across from you
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