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    My Paying Ads Business Model:

    What we are not:
    We are not an investment / HYIP / Get-Rich Quick Program / MLM / Matrix / Cycler / Currency Exchange / Securities site.

    What we are:
    We are an online advertising program. We sell advertising services. Some of Our products / services include Banner ads, Text ads, Login ads, Traffic Exchange Ads, Paid-To-Click ads etc. You may use these services to advertise your Business/Program/Product to all members and visitors of our site.

    MyPayingAds Earning Opportunity:
    We also provide some additional but limited earning opportunities to all our members as detailed below:

    Earning Opportunity #1 - Referral Commission:
    As an incentive for promoting the services offered in our site, we offer all our members 10% referral commission on every adpack purchase made by their direct referral (Level 1 referrals only and not from multi level referrals).

    Earning Opportunity #2 - Revenue Sharing Rewards (Profit Sharing):
    We share profits (excluding 10% that is paid as referral commission and an additional Admin Fee) from every product sale, with all members who have purchased Advertisement Packs from us. Revenue sharing is done until the members receive 120% earnings on their adpack purchases.

    ► FIRST ADVANTAGE: One of the major Advantages that the members will enjoy in MPCA is:
    You put money to purchase adpacks in BITCOINS.
    Earn Revenue Share Rewards in BITCOINS.
    Withdraw money in BITCOINS.
    In any other revshare when you deposit or purchase an adpack in Bitcoins (BTC), your bitcoins get converted into the value of USD. You earn your revenue share rewards in USD. And at the time of withdrawal your Dollars (USD) again get converted into Bitcoins (as per USD value) and you get the money.

    For example let us assume that 0.01 BTC equals to $5 at the time of depositing / purchasing an adpack with 120% return. Once your adpack has run its course (expires) you have a total of $6 (120% of $5) to withdraw.

    Due to the market volatility of BTC / with the rising and falling value of BTC versus USD (example: 0.01 = $5), when you initiate a withdraw your $6 may now be worth 0.009 BTC and you lose 0.01 BTC due to the appreciation of a higher USD value. And you have essentially lost money.

    Here comes the Advantage of MPCA. With My Paying Crypto Ads this scenario is eliminated completely as all purchases will be at a value of BTC with Earnings being in BTC, Payouts being also in BTC.

    Now you will earn a percentage return that allows you to grow your BTC and take advantage of the Fluctuating value of BTC without the risk of losing any money.

    Taking this upward trend of BTC Vs USD into consideration, many of us tend to take the opportunity to keep / store Bitcoins in their BTC wallets with an intention to sell them in the future at a higher value.

    Here comes the advantage of depositing these Bitcoins into MPCA where not only I’m storing my BTCs, but also I’m Growing my BTCs by 20%. (Note: This is solely my opinion. You may definitely disagree with me or may have a different opinion).

    ►If you also want to be a part of this Program◄
    Signup here >

    You need a bitcoin wallet Signup here. > 16174529_1833634980258748_6250386432061048630_n.jpg 16113901_1369793039758896_8691973714372027900_n.jpg 16113189_1199944403408711_6805699623664759587_o.jpg

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    with seun as your upline join and get 2005 in 15 days its 100% paying !!!!! 200% in 15 days

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