With just #1000, you can make up to #2.5million with paid rocket.

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    Can you really give account of how...You spend 1k??
    PaidRocket gives you an opportunity to Invest rather than Spend

    WITH JUST #1000 YOU CAN MAKE #2,5million in
    3months. The platform is through PAID ROCKET.
    It is better than mmm which had made many
    millionaires in this hard times. but I think is better
    than mmm
    And you start only with #1000. Getting rich is
    easier now in Nigeria if only you will open your
    eyes and join the moving train. My people let's
    eradicate poverty from our society.
    Once you register, you will be in level 0
    To upgrade to level 1, you will pay your upline
    After that, share your link to only 4 people to
    register under you
    only 4 people. But if you can't get 4 people. You
    hv to wait for some days, the system will merge 4
    people to you. All you need is initial 4 people. You
    don't get any other person, the system will be
    generating people for you.
    Once the people you invited register, their first
    payment goes to you
    Then you hv #4000 which you will use to upgrade to level 2. From that #4000 u
    made, the system merges you to someone you will
    pay #2500
    After payment call the person you paid to, to
    confirm you. you will be upgraded to level 2.
    The system will automatically merge 16 people to
    pay 2500 in your bank account
    Which is #40,000
    Then u are in level 2
    From that # 40k you will be required to pay your
    upline #5000.
    Then you enter level 3
    The system merges 64 people who will pay #5000
    each to your bank account.
    Which gives you 320,000
    From that 320,000 you will be required to pay
    another person #10,000 to enter level 4. Then
    system automatically gives you 256 persons who
    will pay #10,000 each to your account.
    You make 2.5million at this stage. Thats how it
    keeps growing.
    The program is so sweet. Participate in it. You will
    never regret it. If you want to register, click any of
    the link below. Please if you are not ready to make
    payment of initial #1000 to your upline or referral
    don't bother registering because the system will
    delete your account after 72hours if you don't pay.
    When you are on the site and have registered,
    the 1st thing to do is to go to your profile where
    you will be fixing your bank details.
    Now you have to be very careful here. Because the
    available spaces are for BITCOINS AND PAYPAL.
    But we don’t have paypal here in Nigeria, so in the
    paypal section, you input your bank details
    in this format
    Name, Bank, Account Number (Phone Number) and
    then click save.
    It is in your bank
    account that members will be sending their cash.
    So you have to be careful when filling this.
    You now go to UPGRADE, and scroll down well,
    you will see the Bank details of your upline and
    phone number. Call him and make payment. After
    payment, come back to UPGRADE and fill your
    name in the TRANSACTION ID FORM and submit.
    Your upline will then confirm you in his dashboard
    and you are upgraded.

    To register, use

    contact me on WhatsApp 08161641572

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