Wi-Fi Wireless Storage Flash Drive TF Card Reader Memory Extender

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    1. Allows you to use your mobile phone to enjoy HD vedios and lossless music in TF card
    2. TF card slot: support max 2TB TF card
    3. Supports multi-format such as MKV, RMVB, FLV, etc.
    4. Supports data sharing through the WIFI data sharing and transmission
    5. Supports a key to restore function which allows you to transfer photos, contacts and important video to a new phone
    6. Supports external network connection
    7. Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows system
    8. Wireless Card Reader lets you store and access your music, videos, photos, and documents wirelessly on multiple devices
    9. Quickly move files between all your mobile devices or share with your friends
    10. The portable drive requires no internet connection, cables, or router, so it can travel with you anywhere

    Color: Random Delivery
    Connector: USB 2.0
    Card Slot: TF Card
    Max. Supported Storage: 2TB
    Dimension: 30*33*13mm
    Weight: 10.2g

    Package Content:
    1 x Wi-Fi Card Reader (TF Card is not included)

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