Why You Are Not Getting Much Traffic As You Should On Your Blog

Discussion in 'Mobile Tips/Plans and Internet Discussions' started by wisdomagbai, Dec 23, 2016.

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    In my latest research, I came to learn some things which I will gladly share with you today, and that bring me to my topic. As a blogger (A new blogger) at the end of the month if you can not boost of getting up 40,000 to 50,000 page viewers I think you should sit back and think where you are getting it wrong and how to improve your blog and yourself.

    As a professional blogger, I came to learn that blogging is not only a business that helps you make money but it's also a business that helps you learn how to interact with others and help you want to become a better person to the community. As a technology blogger in Africa, I have dedicated my blog to share the most wanting knowledge, Skills, How-tos, and much more in which most of the content found on this blog has helped some persons.

    Coming back to my topic, The two reasons why you as a blogger is not getting more traffic is because
    Low-quality content
    Interactions with your Readers/viewers

    Low Content
    Why Africans (West Africans) love going to the western world is not because the are not proud of where the come from or the despises where the come from, but because the want to be in a place where everything has been made easy for them and where the will be to understood and also understood, where they will get what the want though not all but list part.

    It's also applicable to you blog, our blog is a small world where people come to get what the are lacking or what the want so to retain them you have to be given them what the are seeking for by posting quality content and making your post unique.

    A blogger ones post that "It's better to make a unique post and that's your post for two days than to make 10 posts in a day but known was unique. So, I will advise you note down these things and make some changes.

    Interactions With Blog Readers/Viewers
    People feel comfortable where there are welcomed and sense that the are important, its natural and its human nature. So for your viewers to always come back to your blog you have to be interacting with them very very well and give them that sense of belonging. And for me, I have been doing this and it has really worked for me so try and implement it, then come back and drop your testimony.

    I will pause here for today, in time come I will also share article similar to this so stay tuned and fish out where you are lacking.

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