Why we look down on Nigerian graduates

Discussion in 'Universities in Nigeria' started by ItuExchange, Jun 15, 2017.

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    Only in Nigeria do people look down on Nigerians for schooling in Nigeria. Why?

    I actually look down on myself for being a product of the Nigerian education system. I gained absolutely nothing and came out looking for nothing.

    Universities are purely business oriented. An average school, for example, with the capacity to effectively educate between 5000 - 10000 students in different courses will admit between 30,000 - 50,000 students after screening 500,000 on the basis of an exam they all paid for.

    How do you learn anything in a class of 600 with the capacity of only 300 students?

    In my own experience, I hated finance, wasn't too good at it, but I did my best not to get less than a C on it. After the exam I believed I succeeded, only for me to go meet the lecturer to buy his book on the same day of the exam (I had one from a senior) because I learned from friends it's compulsory you buy his book, and the lecturer says you didn't buy my book so that's an “F”!!!….am like am here to do just that!!!!. He didn't care, didn't take my money but with pleasure failed me and a course mate who knelt down begging as I who stood with disgust. That's how easy you get failed. Most lecturers don't care if you learn, they just want money.

    It's very easy in most schools to bribe a lecturer or school official. So most students do, even the brainy ones. Once the pressure is up, you just bribe(sort).

    Most books written by lecturers are just copy and paste which makes their work look vague, empty, or difficult to read. It beats me how an average mind can seriously think he can learn something from a series of scrambled information.

    Also, admitting more students than the school's capacity can bear makes registration, marking of scripts, file management etc. tedious for both officials and students. Valuable time needed for studying is totally wasted on such processes. Test and exam results get messed up easily, scripts get lost and that usually means failure/carry-over for the student.

    I can go on forever about the system. So tell me, why shouldn't you be looked down upon for spending so much funds, time, and energy and still come out to a sad employment rate?

    Only in Nigeria do people look down on Nigerians for schooling in Nigeria. Why?


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