Why the Huawei Y6II Should Top Your Christmas Wishlist

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    The Christmas season is upon us, and at this time of the year apart from thoughts of filling our bellies with treats. The single other thing on everyone’s mind is Christmas gifts. It is after-all a season of giving, receiving and sharing.
    When picking out a gift for a loved one, you want something that will surprise them, something that will be useful to them, something that will last, and something they will never forget.
    Here’s how the Huawei Y6II ticks all of these boxes.
    Surprise! : Let’s face it so many people have gotten used to receiving stylishly wrapped gift boxes only to open it and find a set of pyjamas, socks or cufflinks. Not that these are not thoughtful gifts but imagine the pleasing shock factor when you open your gift and find the beautifully designed Y6II nestling in the box. What’s more you get to select your loved one’s favorite color from a choice of colors including black, white, pink, yellow and blue.
    [IMG] [IMG]

    Is it Useful? : There’s no feeling in the world worse than giving someone a gift and the first time they open it is the last time they see it because it’s been stuffed into the deepest recesses of their wardrobe and forgotten until next Christmas. This will definitely not happen if you gift someone with the Y6II because beginning with the day they receive it, during the festive season and beyond the Y6II will continue to prove its usefulness.
    First off, the Huawei Y6II has a professional grade camera which allows you to capture festive moments without missing a beat and delivers the best viewing experience due to its large display IPS digital screen. The Y6II camera comes with a 12 mega pixel rear camera, and an 8 megapixel front facing camera, providing clear and precise imagery and a make-up mode that allows you to enhance images with various makeup styles and preview the effects in real time with a single touch, for that perfect festive snap!
    The Huawei Y6II also has a motion control feature that mutes sound and vibrations with just a flip, perfect for when you are having fun with family and friends and don’t want to be disturbed. The Voice control & Quick call feature also allows you to make quick calls when your screen is locked. Perfect for when you would rather keep your hands busy grabbing the last piece of Christmas turkey before anyone else.
    Beyond the festive season a smartphone of course stays useful in helping you stay in touch with associates, friends and family and giving you better productivity as you do so.
    Long Lasting: Huawei is famously known for creating smartphones of top notch quality. All Huawei Smartphone have gone through series of quality testing processes before making it to the market including a drop test where each phone is dropped forcefully with a machine from a 1.5m height, tumbling tests, scratch fiction test, twist test, high temperature test, damp heat test, etc. What this simply means is that it would take a whole lot to bring a Huawei Y6II phone down because the Huawei Y6II smartphone is capable to serve you in different conditions.

    Memorable: With all the fun had and captured during the festive season with the Huawei Y6II, you can be assured that the memories of this Christmas and the things and people who made it special are forever etched in the mind of your loved ones.


    The Y6II is also a great fashion statement. No matter what time of the year it is, it’s sleek and chic metallic interweaving body design will induce major phone envy, make you stand out and leave a lasting impression with everyone who sees it.

    So what are you waiting for? Bring out your Christmas wishlist. I hope I am in it!

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