Why the Huawei Y6II is our latest smartphone obsession

Discussion in 'Phone Specs/Reviews and Price' started by Tech Nation, Dec 21, 2016.

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    It’s no secret that one of the several factors people usually consider before purchasing a phone is the cost, amongst other factors such as specifications, size, sound, camera quality, screen display and the design of the phone, and when you do find that very rare balance, it almost feels like you have struck gold.
    Recently Huawei launched its Y series range of devices and the smartphones in this range tick a lot of the “must have” boxes. In particular the Y6II has made a really good impression and has been warmly received around the globe with rave reviews.
    The Huawei Y6II for starters has a large display screen without being huge. With 5.5 inch HD, it provides a great viewing experience, taking into consideration the fact that more people are increasingly beginning to use their smartphones for much more than making calls.
    The camera quality on the Huawei Y6 II is a dream for photo lovers with 13 mega pixels on the rear camera and an 8MP front camera. The camera also has professional mode for editing pictures, a panorama mode to get a wider photo shot, and a super night mode for fantastic quality pictures taken at night.
    With all these, it’s obvious that a lot of thought went into the making of this phone, and the quality is top notch. The Smartphone’s design is simple, yet elegant and classy.
    It is comfortable to handle, and will no doubt be well-suited to the lifestyle of young professionals on the go, helping to meet the demands of work, life and play.
    Catching up with work on the go, or your favorite TV series, taking photos, and staying active on social media will be pure bliss with the Huawei Y6II. Users will find that its performance is faster than usual and it responds well to multi-tasking commands. This is because the Huawei Y6II comes with the processor Huawei Kirin 620.
    With all of the “my perfect smartphone” boxes ticked, in addition to a good battery staying power at 3,000mAh, the Y6II is the perfect smartphone for those who want to get the best functionality and quality from a smartphone without spending a fortune for it.

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