Why some people want to leave Canada

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    As an immigrant, what compelled you to leave Canada permanently even after getting your PR or citizenship?

    I am a citizen and I want to move out of Canada. Yes!

    But I can’t. Its not that easy. My experience and education, all has been decimated by the menial jobs and periods of unemployment in Canada. I’m not alone. There are many educated and internationally experienced immigrants who go through this horrible mistake of moving to Canada.

    Unlike some, I chose Canada after having an international career, working in 5 different countries, Far East, Middle East & Europe. Many big companies and the Senior Managers, cannot digest the fact that someone coming to Canada has more experience than them. I faced multiple incidents of racism in my industry, try to take the matters to court and the lawyers would first ask what was your position and salary - Why? Because they want to assess what they will make out of it. If you dont make certain amount they will not take your case forward. Simple as that! I consulted 3–4 different law firms in downtown Toronto. It was devastating experience. So finally like others, i had to forgo all my dreams, even though i spent $40k on my post grad studies in Canada as int’l student, and settle for menial jobs! This is Canada for you if you have brown skin!

    I am trying to get out of this country, but where will i go now? I have not been working in my industry for the last 5 years. I have been working odd jobs. All my education and international experience has been nullified by the malignant thinking in Canadian companies.

    The notion of “Canadian Experience” is simply BS. That’s the first slap they throw at you to lower your expectations. What is a Canadian Experience? Work at Tim Hortons, even if you are mechanical or consultant in a certain business or industry and have proven experience? Look at companies in US. When the H1 visa was not difficult to get, they would hire people from all over the world, they would land in US and next day they would be working in Microsoft, Google, Apple and where ever. There was no such BS of first get an “American Experience”. This is complete BS and has no logical basis.

    Yes, Canada is good for you if you can do blue collar jobs. You can be roof repair guy, know how to construct homes, basement, washrooms and kitchens - yes you will make more money than many white collar workers, even some doctors (GPs). But that’s not easy for every one to transform into blue collar worker, age and other limitations are there.

    My advice to anyone who is reading this where ever you are. If you have a peaceful life, no threat of anyone hurting you and your family, no threat of wars in your country, no other difficult that would destroy your daily life, and if you are able to earn an income which gives you a respectable living - i.e., you can get food on the table for your family, pay your rent, have a car….PLEASE STAY THERE! Yes, you can easily come here, but all your savings will go away in paying heating bills, paying high rents and unnecessary expenses of children - and jobs that will only pay 14–17/hr.

    This is the REALITY OF CANADA!


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