Why it is not wise to donate to charity

Discussion in 'Internet Tunneling' started by ItuExchange, Jul 22, 2020.

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    Believe in giving and helping others.

    BUT… people often blindly give to charities (or perhaps are shamed at the cash register or the Facebook birthday page when someone asks, "Will you give $1 to XYZ charity"?)

    I feel like I am charity shamed every day.

    Not all charities are created equally:

    Some charities do not distribute their money effectively. (E.g. charities that donate to help impoverished people in third world countries but the money is stolen by corrupt governments is a typical example).

    Some charities, like some businesses, are poorly run.

    Some charities spend too much money on administration and marketing so only a tiny portion of your money is put to good use. – James A.

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