Why is C++ so hard?

Discussion in 'Developers/Programmers forum' started by ItuExchange, Jan 17, 2017.

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    I am well versed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and I tried to take on C++, because one of my friends suggested it to me. I tried it, and it is overwhelmingly confusing! How can I improve my C++ coding skills? Please help!


    You have asked, "Why is C++ Hard?" Learning programming from the top down can make C++ harder to learn. Familiarity with languages such as Python, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Java, C#, and Ruby on Rails can give you an incomplete picture of software development. When those languages and others like them are your only introduction to writing code, C++ will be hard.

    C++ is not in the same class. C++ is unique and special, like C. That uniqueness, that special nature makes it harder to pick up and apply.

    Easy and Quick
    The main purpose of Python, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Java, C#, Ruby and languages like them is to do one thing. Save the programmer time writing code and create an end result with as less fuss and difficulty as possible. A working program done fast is more important in those languages than a rigorous software development process. You can add structure, but the core of those languages is such that additional structure is optional.

    Many languages are designed, on purpose, to be easy and quick.

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