Why I don’t argue online

Discussion in 'VPN Discussions/Resellers' started by ItuExchange, May 15, 2019.

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    At least once a day, I have to remind myself, Don’t argue on the internet.

    I’ll see a tweet. From a complete stranger. And maybe my feelings are hurt. Or they said something untrue.

    So I hit the reply button.

    Every day.

    Every day, I’m about to reply. And something stops me.

    I don’t know what. But I’m grateful. Because a lot people don’t get stopped.

    I think I stop for two reasons:

    Arguing is not going to add to my life. If I reply, I’m giving away my energy. When I could be using it for something more creative. And enjoyable.

    I think about how ridiculous it would be to argue. This sounds hard. But it’s not. Because I just imagine

    By James A.

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