Why can’t hackers get into Bill Gates’ bank account?

Discussion in 'Ethical H@cking/Cyber Security' started by ItuExchange, Feb 28, 2017.

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    If hackers can hack bank accounts, why hasn’t Bill Gates been hacked?

    First of all, Hollywood shouldn’t be a primary source. Hackers cannot hack bank accounts, at least not without the bank majorly fucking up, and the hacker getting extremely lucky.

    Secondly, Bill Gates does not have a bank account with 79 billion dollars in it. That would be stupid. Rich people don’t keep their wealth in dollars. The value of dollars is constantly going down. They are not good for storing wealth, they are only good for buying and selling things.

    If you have wealth that you don’t want to lose and you don’t need it to spend, you buy stuff. Stuff that doesn’t decrease in value like dollars, but instead stuff that increases in value, like houses and companies. Bill Gates can’t write a check for a billion dollars, without first clearing out a billion dollars worth of real estate and stock. Even if you did get access to Bill Gates’ bank account, it almost certainly won’t have more than a few tens of thousands of dollars in it.


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