Who would you choose as a dad, Trump or Obama?

Discussion in 'Foreign breaking News' started by ItuExchange, Jan 6, 2017.

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    If you had to choose between Donald Trump and Barack Obama to adopt your kids, who would you trust the most to look after your kids?

    Completely Hypothetical. If you are about to die, which of these two individuals would you trust with your kids well being and future. Assuming both have equal fortunes and neither of them will ever be elected presidents.


    Apparently, Trump has no interest in raising kids:
    Ivana Trump: I Raised My Kids With Donald ‘Single-handedly’

    In addition, this story would make me leery of putting my kids in his presence:
    Miami DJ Says He Watched Donald Trump Brutally Slap His Son in College
    In addition, I would be horrified if my kids were to grow up and hunt elephants.

    Trump has also stated he prefers surrounding himself with people dumber than he is (at least in business)

    Obviously, if any of my kids were girls, that would be a big no. Trump has said if Ivanka wasn't his daughter, he would date her…. Beauty Pagnant constants have stated Trump liked to pull surprise inspections of their dressing areas!

    If Trump truly has a Narcissistic Personal Disorder, that would be another big reason to say no Trump.

    Notice, that none of my objections to Trump raising my kids has nothing to do with his politics


    Neteller here:

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