When Nollywood actors are pretending to have fun…

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    When Nollywood actors are pretending to have fun… I hate them covering their body.

    That’s one of those things I hate in Nollywood moves. For example, when they converge in a town or city square to meet the king in an open place for important meeting, less than 50 people would be there?

    If there’s war in the movie, you would see an opposing army each having less than 5 soldiers. Does that kook realistic?

    To make the matter worse, when a Nollywood actor and actress are having fun, copulating, they cover themselves with cloth. If it was in reality, would they still cover themselves with a blanket when making fun? This is unrealistic.

    In a sharp contrast, when Hollywood people or actors in foreign countries are having fund – like that of man and woman – they don’t use any cloth or blanket to cover them. This looks realistic.

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