What you can do with 10,000 naira

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Talk/Discussions' started by izenoh99, Dec 18, 2016.

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    You’ll probably spend more than that this coming festivity, so why not put it to the test!
    For as low as 10,000 naira, you can earn a bonus of 6000 naira with giverlinks. Same operating principle as mmm, only that your money increases by 35% in 30 days.
    *** few things to note about giverslink**
    1. pairing time for Give Out or PH is 2 weeks above ( so your money is safe with you)
    2. Pairing time for Withdraw or GH is instant (just like mmm)
    3. 5% recommitment bonus ( anytime you PH again, you get 5% extra, making 40%)
    4. you can startoff with only 10,000 and get a bonus of 6000.

    You have nothing to lose on giverslink, Why not give it a try NOW!

    PS: add my email at the invite section:
    ***see screenshot of my dashboard**

    PS: Dont forget to register through the link above (as you must have an invite)
    Feel free to read their T& C to see if you are ok with it

    Find me on Whatapp and Telegram on 07013809119 if you need directions or have any questions.

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    If you are still doubting whether to participate in MMM United or not, here is the link to clear or confirm your doubt

    Fortunately and graciously, MMM United has extended the 20% Anniversary bonus which was meant to end on the 10th of December, 2016 with another 15 days which means you can still enjoy the benefit of 20% bonus on the PH amount till the deadline date of 25th of December, 2016.

    Join now and create for yourself a financial freedom with this link

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