What is the most pointless rule in your school?

Discussion in 'All Lower Institutions' started by ItuExchange, Sep 5, 2017.

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    I go to a private Jesuit school. The school can make tons of ridiculous rules but nothing beats this one.

    You see this?

    That's an elevator.

    The school administrators had one built in the campus for convenience since the High School building spans for 5 floors. They increased our tuition fees just to build this.

    Now, we were excited that we were going to have an elevator. Doing 5 flights of stairs every day as a senior was tiring, especially from the fact that the canteen resides at the first floor.

    Other facilities (library, soccer field, sports complex) are even too far yet we have to walk there as fast as we could during our activities so we could save time. The elevator would definitely make it easier for the students to run some errands.

    But, guess what? Students are not allowed to use it. Only the teachers, the maintenance staff, and the administrators are allowed.

    They say we should just take the stairs since it's beneficial to our health and to cut the costs for the electricity since our school has a reputation of being eco-friendly.

    The irony is, they abuse the use of the elevator. What if they're at the 3rd floor and had to go to the 2nd floor? Better take the elevator!

    If we were caught using the elevator, they could have our IDs taken and be suspended. Cool kids would brag about riding the elevator and not getting caught. We have reached to that point.

    Great way to stain our permanent record even if we paid for the construction of it and the electricity that runs the elevator!


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