What’s the meaning of PASUMA?

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    The meaning I found on a Facebook page looks bogus and superficial to me, knowing full well that Baa Wasi doesn’t operate a Facebook account.

    I’ve long wondered what the meaning of PASUMA is. 13 years ago, one professional womanizer told me it could also mean one kind of aphrodisiac. He said I should go to a chemist and asked. I never did.

    In most interviews granted by Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, I’ve not seen any interviewer asking the meaning of the PASUMA, since that’s not part of his real official name. If I’d heard him being asked such a question, I’m sure he would have answered.

    I got no access to him, and I know he’s millions of fans all over the world (I’m one of them). I think some of his fans here would know the meaning.

    Continue making great progress, Orobokibo creator. Meanwhile….

    What’s the meaning of PASUMA?

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