Vodool releases an impressive set of Bluetooth wireless earphones for perfect music and calls

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    Vodool Bluetooth Stereo Earphones – At First Glance
    For those who own a smartphone it’s likely that their entire music collection is sitting on it just waiting to be enjoyed. However, nothing is worse than a tangled set of low quality earphones that generally are included with phones and mobile devices. They are hardly worthy of great music and taking calls on them is a hassle. Luckily, the wonder of Bluetooth has made the modern listening experience simple and convenient. The Vodool wireless in-ear earphones are a great example. This set is so well designed and full featured that it may just be the perfect set for anyone.
    It is clear at a glance (and a listen!) that these Vodool Bluetooth earphones mean business. They are sturdy yet foldable, have lanyards built in and intuitive and easy to use controls. Spoiler alert: they also sound great!

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