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Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by Fredoline005, Dec 4, 2016.

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    Zarfund is a 2X6 forced matrix with maximum of 6 stages
    Donate 0.03btc and you Get donations from 2referrals 0.03btc each. Upgrade with 0.05btc to move to level 2. Your profit =0.01btc
    Get donations from 4referrals, 0.05btc each totaling 0.2btc. Upgrade with 0.1btc to move to stage 3. Your profit = 0.1btc
    Stage 3: Get donations from 8 referrals, 0.2btc each. Upgrade with 0.2btc to move to stage 4. Your profit = 0.6btc
    Stage 4:
    Get donations of 0.2btc from 16 referrals totaling 3.2btc. Upgrade with 1btc to move to stage 5.Your profit = 2.2btc
    Stage 5:
    Get donations of 1btc from 32referrals (totaling 32btc). Upgrade with 2btc. Your profit = 30btc
    Stage 6: Get donations of 2btc from 64 referrals (totaling 128btc). No more donations. Your profit = 128 btc +2349037715505

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    *Earn Free Bitcoins Without Buying.*
    Here are a few points to note before going into this:
    1. It is absolutely free: You don't have to invest anything. You will only invest your spare time and data.

    2. It is a paid to click (PTC) site. Advertisers pay people in Bitcoins to click on their adverts.

    3. You need a Bitcoin wallet to store your bitcoins. This
    is necessary because you can't store bitcoins like
    other types of currencies so it's like your bank acc-
    count. You can open Bitcoin wallet account from this site

    4. You only need a mobile phone(Android) and data.
    You have to click ads everyday in order to earn bit-coins.

    This is not a joke oooo it's real, all you have to do is just register with this referral link and you're good to go

    *How to create a Bitcoin Wallet*

    ● You must have an email address
    ● Go to **
    ● Click *wallet*
    ● Click *create new wallet*
    ● Follow the procedures
    ● You will be sent a mail
    ● Then confirm
    ● Then login with your details
    ● After successful login, you will see *send* and *receive*
    ● Click *receive*
    ● You will see a long alphanumeric character, that you were told to copy,
    *copy* it ( like this 18YaE6TkQsMGBj8QT8ZmM9sKfufFtCFPBt)
    ● Go to your *Notepad* paste is there and save it so you can use it at anytime
    ● That is your *wallet address* and U will be using it to *collect* and *receive* Bitcoin

    NOTE: your wallet address is like your bank account number on blockchain, it is different from your wallet ID.

    Your wallet ID can be likened to your ATM pin which u use in gaining access to your account.

    *That's All, now you have a _Bitcoin Wallet_*

    Hurry now while you still have the chance, thank you

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