Unlock your computer password with this three steps

Discussion in 'Windows Discussions and Solutions' started by Luqtech, Oct 20, 2017.

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    For my users that cannot get access to their computer after forgetting their password i have written this article most especially for you all. But I do not expect you to use this methods that will be stated below to hack someones computer or to unlock a stolen computer (Not Right)
    We have a list of options or menus you can apply to get access to your computer so please choose wisely:
    • Our first option is to Boot from Windows Installation Disk (This is the best and most reliable method you can use.
    • Our Second Option is to boot your computer in safe mode
    • Unlock your computer with password reset disk (I have made this my last option on the list because it is very hard to achieve and not too reliable but for some users, it is a very good option.
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    Wouldn't it be better if you just remove it and change it?

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