Ultimate Cycler is Finally Back online See How to login

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Talk/Discussions' started by skylimit, Dec 7, 2016.

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    After waiting and waiting for many days. The login is finally working. To access the website click below.

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    i cant seem to be able to register as a new participant ...can u help out
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    MMM south Africa is an international mutual funds aid that offers up to 90% profit in 9days (10% daily Growth of mavrodi for 9days)


    You simply Provide Help and Get Help

    In mmm south Africa you register an account and at the point of registration, you enter how much you want to Provide Help with.

    After registration, you are matched immediately to pay 30% of your initial PH request when you registered.

    Then between the 3rd to 8th day after you register, you will be matched to pay the remaining 70% of your PH request

    As you get to the 9th day you can make a Get Help request and be matched immediately

    Whatsapp me on 08183289465 for more details

    It is important to note the following below:

    - Because of its international affiliation, MMM SOUTH AFRICA ONLY WORKS USING BITCOIN CURRENCY. You can click here to learn how to acquire a bitcoin account or chat me up on whatsapp let me guide you

    - Once you register, you will be matched to make payment and you must pay that order within 48hrs or else you will be blocked from the system and the order will be matched to someone else

    - It is advisable to use a Gmail account to register. You will receive your OTP code much faster that way

    Click Here to register now

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    Okay, here's the correct current update ; MMM HAS DONE IT AGAIN......

    For every Help provided From 7th December 2016 till 31st December 2016, you receive a 20% accrued bonus. Example you PH N100,000 u get rewarded with a Xmas bonus of 20% of Ur N100,000 which is N20,000 it will grow to N26,000 and Ur N100,000 grow to N130,000 after 30days. What more can u ask for........ Mehnnnn MMM is doing it big!

    Join mmm now enjoy 50% bonus of whatever you ph


    Change your life for forever

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    I still cannot register

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