[Tutorial] How to unbrick a Bricked Itel it1500 Grand spreadtrum sc7710g

Discussion in 'itel' started by Babadinho, Nov 12, 2016.

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    So you have bricked , forgot your patterns or messed up your spreadtrum it1500 and still after a lot of hard work your phone still show no signs of joy .. ?

    Yes that's exactly what happened to me , It took me a bit of time to come around this method but I'm happy it worked out perfectly , and thats why I decided to share to others who are still hustling to unbrick the itel it1500 .

    What cracks heads about this spreadtrum phones is there system architecture which doesn't even come with a recovery . ( yes itel it1500 doesn't have one and a couple of other I have worked with ) which makes it difficult to factor reset it when its pattern locked , I tried some cwm recoveries from ElectronikHeart thread but non worked with this model , I will try find a working cwm recovery for this one and post some time later or if someone has one please share it with us .

    This method is safe and will likely 100% bring your phone back to life , But don't act more geeky and flash wrong files , you will end up hard bricking it , and trust me you don't wish to hard brick a spreadtrum phone , you will have a 0.0001% of unbricking it .

    kaungmyatlin has a way of wiping userdata with researchdownload tool , I must warn you the files doesn't work with it1500 and causes bootloop or soft brick . they work with other spreadtrum processors mentioned ( SC6820 and SC8810 ) but not SC7710 ( it1500 ) as far as I can tell , or maybe I missed out a point in a guide you can try them but you have been warned

    What you need
    1. Spreadtrum drivers ( links below )
    2. System image file ( link below )
    3. A brain to work with fastboot and adb ( just some few codes [IMG] )


    - Download and Install needed drivers

    Thanks to ElectronikHeart for the links

    ADB drivers

    Debug drivers

    Then you have to tell adb that you have a spreadtrum phone that you need to work with . By adding spreadtrum PCI ID to android usb vendor list .
    Go to this directory { your_user_directory/.android/adb_usb.ini } open with any editor ( notepad , notepad++ etc ) and add below code
    - Plug in phone and let windows install the driver , There is one fun part about this phone , adb is by default ON which saves us some breath of finding a key combo of rebooting it to fastboot , of course if its OFF in your device you will have to combo the keys ( I must admit this is a try 'n error game )

    key combo = vol down + vol up + power / vol up + power / vol down + power

    or reboot in fastboot using adb command
    adb reboot fastboot
    phone will reboot in fastboot mode , you will note a black screen with red words ( written fastboot mode ) on the left top corner of the screen

    - We can now flash our system file

    - Download the system file Itel it1500 system image
    - Put it in your adb directory and rename to system.img

    Erase userdata
    fastboot erase userdata
    Erase cache
    fastboot erase cache
    Now flashing the system
    fastboot flash system system.img
    Reboot device
    fastboot reboot
    Done , let it reboot

    source: xda

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