Turn Your 1,000 Naira Investment Into Millions

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    Invest In Ecooperative today and your life will never remain the same.

    All you need to start the this fast growing business is N1,000 and you continue to grow from there.
    You will register into the network through a referral link and once you click on the link, it will take you to a registration page and the moment you fill the form, you are in level 0.
    The moment you register, in the first place, the system will give you your referral link. This link becomes active for you the moment you pay someone and upgrade to level 1. So you will also use the link to register 4 other people (friends, family or anyone) each of which will pay N1,000 to your account (or via cash) so that you make N4,000 into your pocket.
    Just like you were confirmed, you must also confirm the payment of those people you registered once you receive their money, so that they can also upgrade to level 1 and start looking for their own 4 people and then your network continues to expand from there.
    Once you get your complete 4, you qualify to upgrade to level 2. You will only be required to pay N2,500 into the account of an upline who is currently in that level (one you click on upgrade, the system automatically refers you to the person you will pay the upgrading money and the person's phone contact and account details). Once you are confirmed, you enter stage 2.
    At stage 2, you qualify to collect N2,500 from 16 persons in your 2nd generation once they are also ready to upgrade to that stage just like you just did. This means you will be getting N40,000 in all. Out of this money, you will only need to pay N5,000 into a level 3 person's account when you wish to upgrade to level 3.
    At level 3, you qualify to get the same N5,000 (just as u paid someone) from 64 others. This amounts to N320,000 in all. You just need to take N10,000 out of this money to upgrade to level 4.
    Once you are in level 4, you qualify to get the same N10,000 from 256 others in your 4th generation when they also reach that stage. This makes N2,560,000.
    This trend goes on and on like that till you get to level 8 where you get up to N44,800,000.
    1. Start up fee is very little (N1,000) and so easy for many people to get and pay instantly
    2. The moment you bring at least one person in, you will get your investment back.
    3. All the money you need for upgrading from one stage to another is still from the money you collected so you do not need any extra investment other than the start up fee.
    4. Payments are made into participants' bank accounts and not into the system.. you only go into the system to confirm the payments in order to upgrade the payer.
    5. The network is fast growing and there is tendency of reaching the top within a shorter time than you think. It just depends on the rate at which your down lines (people and generations under you) are working and growing.
    6. Free Business and Entrepreneurship training, seminars and counseling for all members to teach, how we can make the best use of their funds and go into various investments plus Full backup and support (from your upline) to grow your own network
    7. Can be done on part time or full time basis, depending on your availability, desire and choice.
    Whatsapp or call me on 08166834465 for registration and further enlightenment.

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