Trouble with iPhone X and right Airpod?

Discussion in 'Iphone' started by adamjohnson, Apr 6, 2018.

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    This past Monday when I went to use my Airpods I found that my right one was not working. At first I thought that it was dead on power, however I checked and it was just fine. I then discovered that if I put the right one in my ear first and started the music it worked, but as soon as I put my left pod in, the right one would stop working. So when I got home from work I tried them on my Mac and my iPad and they worked just fine. I even tried it on my husbands iPhone X and they both worked. So I went to the Apple support chat and she asked if I had done the latest upgrade. I had not, so I did and still the right pod would not work. Then she suggested I restore my phone to factory settings. I had a recent backup from the early morning of that day. I was just about to do it and I chickened out. She then made a genius bar appointment for me for this coming Sunday. So today I'm asking if 1. anyone else has had this happen? 2. Does anyone know how to fix it without restoring your phone.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    Those gadgets are just expensive for nothing.

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