Tragic story of a 2 year old girl brutally raped by uncle

Discussion in 'Breaking News Nigeria' started by djayz1, Jan 12, 2017.

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    This story will break your heart.... It's currently trending on social media and is about a 2 year old girl named Patience who was raped by her father's younger brother!


    The mother had left the little girl with her uncle so she can attend a church program. Only for her to come back and meet her daughter in a horrible state. The uncle had brutally abused her sexually, there were bruises on the little girl's thighs, her right femur was fractured, her vagina wall was bleeding.

    She was taken to the hospital where doctors are currently battling to keep her alive. Just read this story below. Gosh.


    This is one of the saddest stories you will hear. According to the story shared on social media,
    The sharer of this story did not say what became of the uncle but it is clear that there needs to be a law in place with punishment severe enough to deter these beasts.

    Rape, especially of children, has become uncomfortably common and must be curbed.

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