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    Getting approval from Google Adsense, and other top paying ad networks can be frustrating especially for Nigerian bloggers. You might end up seeking their approval for months with being approved. Why waste time constantly searching for those ad networks when you can use Nigerian Ad networks that doesn’t up to 30 minutes to sign up and start monetizing your site.
    Some top ad network support paypal and this can be frustrating withdrawing your money because Paypal Nigerian account doesn’t support send and receiving of funds and also cashing out to your local bank. That is why as a Nigerian blogger, using Nigerian ad networks is a plus to your earnings because they can be withdrawn easily to your Nigerian bank account once you reach the minimum threshold payment. You can display two or three different ads from different Nigerian ad network and be earning from each of them instead of hoping for approval from Google Adsense and other Ad networks.
    Top Paying Ad Networks in Nigeria

    Below are list of top paying Ad networks in Nigeria
    1. Alternative Advert

    Alternative Advert is one of the top paying Ad network not only in Nigeria but also in Africa. They offer PPC (Pay Per Click) and PPM (Pay Per Impression).
    Pros of Alternative Advert

    Signup is easy and requires no minimum traffic
    Alternative Advert offers good text and banner ads of various sizes
    They pay in dollars with the minimum payout of $50.
    Use referral services and you earn 3% of the money spent by advertiser referred or 5% of the money gained by publisher you refer.
    They offer paypal and bank wire payment.

    2. Adquet

    Adquet is the leading ad network in Nigeria. They are based on CPC and PPC with good text and banner ads which are virus free. Gaining approval from adquet is easy and fast, and you can run both the
    advertiser and publisher platform together.

    Pros of Adquet

    They offer text and banner ads.
    No minimum traffic needed to signup, support subdomain like and they accept almost all niches.
    Pay as high as #100 and low as #5 per click depending on the Ad size
    Their minimum threshold payment is #2500 and offer cashout via Paypal
    or bank wire.
    Use of floating ads and clicking their ads on your blog by yourself is against their policy and it will get your site banned.

    » Join ADQUET HERE
    3. NgAdverts

    NgAdverts is another good Ad Network in Nigeria that pays bloggers for display their ads on their blog. They are based on PPC and CPC. They offer good text and banner ads and support various ads layout. Just like Adquet, you can sign up as both publisher and advertiser.
    Pros of NgAdverts

    Approval is easy and fast with no minimum traffic required
    Offer both Advertiser and Publisher platform
    Based on text and banner ads.
    Minimum payout is as low as #3000 as pay via bank wire.
    Clicking your ads in against their policy and will get your site disapproved.

    » Join NgAdverts HERE
    How to Join and Generate Ad code For NgAdverts

    4. Nairapp

    Nairapp is one Nigerian Advertising Network that has mobile and pc friendly ads. They are really good for bloggers based in Nigeria that would love to monetize their site. Offer both Pay per click and Pay Per Impression.
    Pros of Nairapp

    Approval is easy and fast with no minimum traffic required.
    Offer both text and banner ads
    Earn 25% of the money spent by publisher you refer and 5% of the
    money earned by publisher you refer.
    Minimum payout is #3000 offer payouts to Paypal, check or Bank wire.

    » Join Nairapp HERE
    5. Dochase

    Dochase is another good Ad Network in Nigeria and they are based on PPC and CPC. Their ads are not too friendly but pay high per click. They are strict in their policies and deactivate your account once
    they notice any spam click. Earning takes 24 hours to show on their platform

    Pros of Dochase

    No minimum traffic required for approval,
    Signup is easy and fast.
    Pay higher on ad click than impression.
    Minimum cashout as low as #2000 and offers fast payment to your local bank account than most Advertising Network

    » Join Dochase HERE
    6. Twinpinenetwork

    Twinpine is one leading Ad Network in Nigeria that supports both advertising on mobile app and website. With good support from advertisers like Pepsi, Jobberman, MTN, twinpine offers their publisher quality text and banner ads. With little or no minimum traffic required you can gain approval and start monetizing your site with twinpine ads.
    Pros of Twinpinenetwork

    Gain easy and fast approval once signup.
    Display good and virus free ads to their publishers.
    Offer both PPM and CPC services.
    Minimum payout of #2500 via Paypal or bank.

    » Join Twinpinenetwork HERE

    Nigerian bloggers that are finding it hard gaining approval from Adsense, and other top Ad Network should reconsider using Nigerian Ad Network. You can also display two or three different ads
    from different Ad Network in Nigeria without getting banned. The list of the top paying Ad Networks in Nigeria would be updated as other ad networks roll in. If you have other top Ad networks in Nigeria that was not listed above, feel free to tell us using the comment box. It would be reviewed and added to the list.
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