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    Most of you may or may not have heard about gram website.. For those who haven't, its a site that let's you earn by giving you simple and fast task to complete.
    For those who might have heard about it, you will be wondering how to make grams quicker and make alot.

    So without wasting time, here is how to earn faster

    1. Smart risky contract - Yes! For those registering, turn on risky before pressing the take button. This allows you earn more in less days but be sure to check back daily to accept the contract else ud be fined some grams.

    2. Referrals - if your advertising your referral link, be sure to let them know that to earn they must be active. Most referrals will sign up and leave and since we see our referrals progress we tend to b discouraged when most aren't active. An active referral should complete the daily task which takes less than 5 minutes.. Yes LESS THAN 5 MINUTES

    3. Free rolls - This gives you grams based on the number range you fall into. Free rolling without risk gives you 0.1 gram but with risk, you could make 100 gram from a single roll approximately $218. Wish I knew this earlier. Please note that you can still loose a maximum of 10 gram.

    4. Post and watch videos - watching videos gives you approximately 0.1 gram per video. We are allowed total of 5 videos daily. Another is by posting short video description of gram and you make money. There you make 5 gram per video.

    Thats just about it guys..
    For those who haven't yet started,
    Sign up with either google of Facebook account

    Work for 5 minutes less daily.

    Every 5 minutes work daily is an inch closer to your money.
    Happy earning
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