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Discussion in 'ICO Discussions' started by djayz1, Mar 23, 2019.

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    Hello Guys, I want to introduce you to Efin Exchange today.

    True decentralized trading platforms are notoriously slow, because transactions are done peer-to-peer, entirely on-chain.

    The EFIN coin was developed as a bridge coin; to enable secure instant trading without using centralized 3rd parties. Also projects can offer tokens and partnerships on our IEO Launchpad platform.

    It will achieve this with Native SegWit and Atomic Swaps between Bitcoin, TokenPay, Litecoin and other Infinitesimal- and Lighting Network-compatible chains.
    Benefits of Signing up Now on Efin Exchange
    • Get 1,000 free EFIN coins simply by executing 10 Easy Trades on the eFIN platform.
    • Automatically receive free EFIN coins every month simply by staking TPAY coins.
    This Limited Time offer is valid only for the first 200,000 eFIN sign-ups. There are now 35,000 activated eFIN accounts.
    eFIN is the world's first cross-chain DEX designed for ease-of-use. The Easy Trade feature allows for seamless one-click trading. Similar to ShapeShift, but completely decentralized and Tor network driven for maximum privacy. While ShapeShift charges nearly 2% fees, trading on eFIN is free for most users. Join now for more details!


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    Is this similar to bit coin program? or it is just an online money making opportunity?

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