The origin and meaning of the word “OBESERE”

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    What is the meaning of Obesere?

    I have wondered about this for many years.
    Finally this question was thrown to Abass Akande (whose stage name is Obesere.), during an interview on a radio program,

    He said:

    Obesere was not my name. I didn’t bear that name in the early stages of my career. The name was borne by one of my band members. People used to call him Obesere, but he didn’t like that alias. Nevertheless, the name made him popular.

    When I discovered he didn’t like the name, which made him popular, I adopted that name myself, and started bearing it on stage.

    However, some rival musicians began singing that I adopted the alias because I wanted to deride women. That is why I sang:

    To ba ti dagbo Obesere bami jo (when you get to Obesere’s stage, dance with me)
    Oskonto oruko baba mi ni oo. Obesere oruko mama mi ni.
    Meaning: Oskonto is my father’s name. Obesere is my mother’s name.

    By singing thus, Abass proved that he loved women, not hating them, since he also included his mother in the whole show. And Obesere loved his mother dearly.

    That is the origin of the name “Obesere.”

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