The Federal Government Has Neglected Lagos-Abeokuta Express Road

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by ItuExchange, Oct 16, 2016.

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    Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway is deteriorating everyday. Things are getting worse and worse and worse, especially starting from Toll Gate to the way to Ifo.

    Toll Gate, Sango, Joju, Connoils/Singer, Owode, Ilogbo, and other areas have become motorists’ nightmares.

    The part of the expressway from Toll Gate, going into Lagos, are still a kinda better when compared to the part going into Ogun State. The part in Lagos still get some patches in a few cases, and that improves some statistics.

    What do you want Ogun State to do? The government is heavily in debt, and most of the road projects they started are still uncompleted. The State is paying salaries through her nose.

    Some politicians and sycophant media may deny this, but that’s the realities. So they can’t patch or repair Federal government roads in their State. I’m sick of hearing politicians saying all is well when we know that’s a lie

    The major cause of traffic deadlocks on the roads are ever widening and ever increasing potholes that also gather pools of water during rainfalls. I don’t think a car should take more than 30 minutes to get to Ifo from Toll Gate, if the road is good. But it can take a car more than 4 hours now.

    This problem has been going for many years and nothing is being done. They can steal public funds to build many useless houses they don’t really need and acquire vast property that others would eventually snatch after their deaths, but they can’t use public funds to repair public roads.

    Is FERMA (Federal Road Maintenance Agency) still existing? The last time I saw them on the roads constantly was during the era of Obasanjo. When the president, ministers and other political dignitaries visit Abeokuta, they go with helicopters, and so, they don’t experience what we experience.

    On October 9, the condition was so worse that, Sango Bridge was still being overloaded with vehicles in deadlocks when I was going in the afternoon and when I was coming back 7 hours later, late in the night. As usual, I had to escape on a bike. Those who go out with their cars are in trouble.

    To go to Ifo and its environs… Even Abeokuta, motorists got no choice, except to face that deadly road. Owode area is one of the worst, followed by Joju area.

    Accidents here and there, owing to bad roads, plus lives lost (at least, lives are now very cheap in Nigeria). The ordeal continues.

    Nothing is done. I don’t think nothing will be done sooner. The Minister of Works won’t be able to do anything beyond monies allocated to his ministries. The Disappointer-In-Chief at Abuja doesn’t bloody care. That’s not his States or roads.

    The government doesn’t recognize the fact that those areas are heavily populated. They’re neglected. After all, people opened up new sites and built their houses without the government.

    I don’t beg the government to do the road. I hate those who do their normal duty and still publicize it as if doing people a favor. What’s their job in the first place?

    If you go over those bad roads, prepare for aches all over your body and take some balm or painkillers when you get home.

    The Federal Government has neglected Lagos-Abeokuta Express Road. May thanks to them for their neglect while commuters continue to suffer.

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