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    Tech Jobs You Don’t Hear About Often
    With software developers and website designers often taking the lead in the tech industry, it can be difficult to remember that there are so many other roles behind the scenes here. If you are searching for a great career in this industry, here are some of the other pathways you could consider.
    Mathematics is at the heart of the tech industry and experts are often needed to make sure that everything is on track. You can even find mathematicians working behind the scenes at a great online casino to ensure that the games are fair at all times.
    Numbers are a key part of anything in tech. From working out the reactions to an AI to providing simple binary instructions to pieces of tech, there are so many jobs available for mathematicians.
    User Interface Designer
    These designers have a key impact on the way many of our software looks. The user interface is what anyone who uses a piece of software will see. While we won’t see the code working hard to present us with different options, we will see a clear UI and we expect it to work in certain ways.
    The user interface needs to be clean and easy to use, no matter what it is for. Some UIs might be for a specialised task that has many controls and variables. Others might be for a piece of software that the general public should be able to use. It is down to the UI designer to ensure that the software meets these requirements.
    Data Scientist
    Working in the tech industry will produce an awful lot of data. There is always tests to be done and new trends that emerge which could change how the data fluctuates. It is the job of a data scientist to note and interpret these changes.
    A good data scientist will search for trends and changes in the data and then present them to other parties in a way that is easy to understand. They are a valuable member of a team and they can really show how the right data can push one company ahead of another.
    Software Quality Tester
    These guys ensure that a piece of software is up to scratch before it is released to the general public. The last thing anyone wants is for a buggy piece of software to hit the market. The quality tester is an important member of the team who will help ensure that the product is ready for all.
    They may have specific tasks they need to fulfil to be certain that the software is ready. There are several tasks you can try to push a software to its limits and these will be important for them to do to ensure that this is a high-quality product many can use.
    There are so many jobs in the tech industry. Take a look at some of the careers out there if this is a sector you are keen to move into. You do not necessarily have to be a programmer to find the perfect career here.

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