Sunday Igboho may retaliate

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by ItuExchange, Jul 17, 2021.

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    In the wake of the recent night attack on Igboho Oosa’residence, it could be confirmed that Federal Government is behind the attack.

    Nonetheless, there is virtually no government on earth, who will not deal ruthlessly with any attempts to secede unconstitutionally... That is the job of the central government.

    But for those who came in person to attack his house, they may not go scot-free.

    A i mose ko ni n mu omorogun tori bo omi gbigbona.

    A i mo se ko, lo mu doro to fi ja si kanga.

    That means some people lose their life for going on suicidal errands.

    Ighoho could have retaliated immediately, and the government would escalate the matter and use that as a pretext to make soldiers to surround his house and bomb the house.

    So he would retaliate spiritually. He could have even done so.

    Clearly he has enemies surrounding him, even among his kinsmen.

    I love Sunday Igboho very much but I do not think he should have immersed himself in the current agitation going on.

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