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    About Sparrow Network
    Sparrow network is a micro blogging system that allows users to generate an audience in their specific niche, and get paid doing what they love

    How do i get paid?
    There are different ways to earn money on sparrow network.

    1. Phone number confirmation
    After logging in to sparrow network, it is required of you to confirm your phone number. A 6 digit pin, was sent to the phone number that you provided during registration. You are required to input this pin into the text box in your homepage. After confirmation, ₦500 will be credited into your wallet.

    2. Referrals
    On the home page, you are provided with a referral link. It is expected of you to share this link to all your Whatsapp contact, facebook groups, as well as your facebook and twitter handles. For each person that you introduce to sparrow network, you will be credited ₦25. Assuming you were able to invite 1,000 people and they successfully confirm their phone numbers, you will be credited ₦25,000. There is no limit to the number of people that you can invite to sparrow network

    3. Daily login
    Each day you login to sparrow network, ₦10 will be credited into your wallet.

    4. Publishing
    Each time your publish an article on sparrow network, your post is reviewed by admin and for each post approved by admin, ₦20 is credited into wallet. Assuming you published 10 articles and they were all approved by admin, you will earn ₦200

    How do i withdraw?
    You need to have at least ₦2,000 in your wallet before you can withdraw. You have ₦520 in your wallet right now. You currently need to earn ₦1,480 more, in order to be able to withdraw. Continue inviting friends and posting articles on sparrow blog, in order to earn more money. Each day you login to Sparrow Network, your status increases by 1. When your status is 7, you will be able to withdraw from your wallet into your bank account. All you need to do is to click on the GET HELP button, and then type in the amount you want to withdraw. Kindly provide your valid account details, using the account number update link

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