Smartphones You Must Not Buy In 2017(Must Read)

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    This is quite lengthy but it's worth it.

    Smartphones You Must Not Buy In 2017.

    Yes, I absolutely mean what you see above as the heading. Smartphones You Must Not Buy In 2017. In this post I'll show you the smartphones you should and must never think of buying especially in this year 2017 when every major smartphone brands have gone haywire and berserk releasing smartphone with monster specifications.

    Apparently, we're in the beginning of the year 2017(January) and as a result a lot of people would want to change their smartphones and of course some of the readers of this website possibly fall under the category of smartphone users who buy new smartphones every beginning of the year. Because of this, I decided to give a smartphone buying guide I expect anyone to adhere to in order not to lose money. By following this guide Smartphones You Must Not Buy In 2017, what ever smartphone you eventually settle for would be one the best with maximum performance and value for your money. Sometime ago I did write on something similar which was The Most Comprehensive Guide To Buy Your Next Smartphone. This guide Smartphones You Must Not Buy In 2017 is more like an update to The Most Comprehensive Guide To Buy Your Next Smartphone but for some reasons it has a new article dedicated to it since we're i anew year.

    Note that this guide is actually not going straight to list the worst android smartphones of 2017 for you or something like worst smartphone brands or top 10 worst smartphones and their brands, this is because there are great smartphones and also bad smartphones from most brands we can think of at the moment. So, I'll actually show you features in smartphones you should beware of and not think of buying unless it comes free(which is less likely) in 2017.

    Having that in mind let's get to the matter of the day.

    1. Low-End Smartphones From Top Brands
    In 2017 all android smartphone brands would release more and more smartphones some High end some low-end. While high end devices are targeted at those who can afford them, the low end are for those who can not an as such come with very low to poor quality. Among the high ends are the Flagships which happen to be where these top brands put their focus on, the low end get little or no attention at all and to worsen it, these low end smartphones from top brands are overprice, really overpriced they're not worth it. Back to no attention, they never ever get OS update of any kind.

    2. Smartphones Running Older And/Or Weaker SoC(Chipset And CPU)
    The System on Chip(SoC) which essentially is the combination of the Chipset(motherboard) and CPU is rally responsible for a lot of the functions your smartphone does and can handle. It actually defines your smartphone. For the past few years, the smartphone market especially the android ecosystem has noticed great influx of cheap android smartphones into the market, how then do these Chinese brands succeed? They cut corners. That's the answer to how they they could afford to sell smartphones running on Snapdragon chipsets at very cheap price. How then do they cut corners? they serve you android smartphones running older and/or weaker chipsets like the Snapdragon 400 and 600 series. Not, like it's bad entirely but for geeky smartphone user who going for such smartphone is not worth it because these chipsets don't support some modern technologies like Quick Charge 2.0,or even the most recent 3.0 and a host of other technologies we expect to see on smartphones in 2017.

    3. Smartphones Running Older Android And Those Without Hope Of An Update
    Any android smartphone running on android 5.0 Lollipop and older versions is not worth your penny. If the company can't afford make smartphones that run latest android versions like Marshmallow and Nougat I doubt the phone would have any modern feature or even support any. This is because as time goes on, newer android versions are released and so many issues and loopholes are fixed and patched. Running older android versions only jeopardizes your smartphone security.

    4. Smartphones With Overblown Specifications That Do Not Reflect
    Most smartphone users think it's all about the numbers, some actually go for 'quantity' as against quality, thinking the large quantity would compensate for the low quality. And that is what this guide Smartphones You Must Not Buy In 2017 is here to fix making sure you don't fall for these especially those set by these Chinese brands springing up here and there. Some of the overblown specifications that do not reflect is 4GB and above of RAM. 4GB and above of RAM on a smartphone is waste, I mean total waste. If you buy any smartphone with these only because of it's RAM size, just know you've successfully lost so much money. This is because many OEMs make you to believe the RAM size is solely responsible for the speed of your smartphone or other gadgets. No, your processor is responsible for that. The RAM is actually a Random Access Memory, more like a storage location where the system temporarily stores keeps files and or data it is making use of at that moment. When your smartphone is idle,y you use less RAM but when you're playing let's say a game your RAM usage becomes high because the system has moved some large files(belonging to the game) to that temporary storage(RAM), these files are removed once the game is closed, that's why it's temporary. That being said, your 4GB or even 6GB and above of RAM won't make a smartphone that has a very poor and old CPU run faster. Asides unnecessary large RAM size another overblown specification features on smartphone is battery capacity in mAh. You see, 4,000 mAh is perfect anything more than that is something else. These large mAh of battery makes these smartphones weigh so much like bricks, an example is the Gionee M2017 weighing 239 g almost twice the weight of the Samsung galaxy S7. A lot other features like camera Mega Pixels (which actually has little to do with the quality of pictures taken)

    5. Very Poor Specifications
    Not trying ti contradict myself though, especially since I just finished written about overblown specifications in No. 4 above. Very poor and low specifications on smartphones are also one of the reasons this guide Smartphones You Must Not Buy In 2017 is being put up. I can't imagine a new smartphone in 2017 having 1GB or less of RAM or even the ones with 8GB or less of internal storage. Smartphones with CPUs of low frequency and cores, a lot other features also make for low or poor specifications on smartphones.

    6. Older Technology Or Features With No Improvement
    About this I'll share an image I got sometime ago when the iphone 7 was released, on this image the iphone 7 released last year 2016 is being compared with the Nexus 6 released three years ago(2014).
    That's about older technology or features.

    Mid Range And High End Without Display Protection And Water/Dust Resistances
    Your high end smartphone doesn't have these protections? sorry you actually have an overpriced piece of toy. Any smartphone that costs more than $250 should have these to a high degree.

    7. Different Colour Of Same Smartphone With Different And Higher Price
    This is a clear case of daylight robbery and ripoff. Same smartphones with same features and specifications but with different colours and with different colours comes different prices with one colour having a higher price than the other, it's a waste of cash paying more just because of it's colour.

    While features we expect on smartphones do not have ending there's a limit to what we can do even with our fantastic android smartphones, that's why I stopped here but that doesn't mean these the only features we should avoid if you know any other not mentioned here please do share through the comment option below.


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