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    Good day all. As we are still running the race to the $1000 which gram gives us which is when we reach 500gram, here is a means to earn much less than that but at a faster rate.
    Here is shykarbit Bot

    Shykarbit is a Telegram bot that instantly (automatically) pays you money once you refer someone and once your referral activates his/her account.

    To get started you need:
    1. Go to the bot Telegram, the link in the profile header:

    2. Go to "Profile".

    3. Subscribe to their social networks, choose two from the list to subscribe.

    4. Click "activate".
    If everything worked out for you, then when you click on "Profile" you will be told that our account is activated.
    Now share your referral link to start getting paid.

    Payment is only made once your referral activates his/her account.
    Payment is made once you accumulated $10.

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