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    Many people wouldn’t know that Hammed Yisa Kolawole started learning cinematography and video directing from D J Tee. Until the name stormed the main stream before he was noticed. The graduate of Computer Science at Lagos State University, Ojo had a chat with 9jahub Omani Franklin. He spoke on why is not ready to marry. ‘I shall marry after D Banj, Don Jazzy and Banky W’. He said other interesting things in the chat.
    Could you tell us more about yourself?
    My names are Kolawole Hammed Yisa. I am a Christian, but my father is a Muslim. In fact, my father is an Alhaji. My mum is a Christian. We are five in our family, four boys one girl. I’m a Yoruba boy from Abeokuta, Ogun State.
    What about your journey into the cinematography, Coal side brand suddenly came into the entertainment industry as a surprise?
    I’ve been working underground before coming into the main stream. I learned this work for five years. I started learning this work since 2011. I started like Personal Assistance. I opened my own outfit when I graduated from the University.

    Who were you working with then?
    I was fortunate to have a big brother. He is my cousin. Everybody knows him as D J Tee Adetokunbo. I was working with him for five years. Even that time, I was studying Computer Science at Lagos State University. I would follow D J Tee every weekend to shoot videos. I was production assistance because I didn’t even know anything then. My jobs were to just pack equipment and cables. While in school, I was learning editing to upgrade myself. So that was the journey of "COAL SIDE".


    How were you able to combine Computer Science to Cinematography?
    While growing up, I love computers, video games, gadgets and others like that. I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut. But I ended up studying computer science at the university. An Astronaut was a childhood play. The structure of our universities was not encouraging also. I did lots of mathematics s instead of working on computers. It was not like lectures thought me how to be a guru in the university. But fortunately for me then, I was with DJ Tee. I developed interest in cameras, lights and all that. Being a computer science graduate doesn’t make me a computer scientist. I don’t even know what a computer does. All I know is my own program which I always use to edit, and my editing software. That is all I know about computer. I would not call myself a computer scientist. Managing both was just like going to school to receive lectures and weekend is for practical.

    Since you started this work in 2011, did you dream of coming this far as a cinematographer for a short period?
    I didn’t know. I was persistently working hard. Anytime I got the opportunity to shoot a video, I always use the platform very well. If I’m part of the leading brands in the entertainment industry now, I believe it is hard work.


    Tell us about the first video you shot?
    It was for an upcoming artiste, Boy Amani. The video had lots of rappers on it. The video had Base One, K Show and others like that. I shot the video in 2011. It was the first ever video that got air play by my brand, Coal Side.


    What about the hit video?
    People would always say it was the video i co directed with Unlimited LA ,Sean Tizzle, Sho Le. But I would say no because before Sean Tizzle I had shot couple of videos. I shot couple of videos for Black Magic, Rainbow, Tomorrow, Confirm. I also think this was due to the acceptance of people on Sean Tizzle’s video, Sho Le that got lots of audience. People believe that was my first video. But people were later going back to check my profile that he was one of the the director that shot these videos. I would say it was after we shoot Sho Le, people started noticing me and
    Unlimited LA.

    Are you married or Single married or single?
    I’m not married. But I’m in a serious relationship. my girlfriends name is Patience James Ufedoeyonojo, she is a Nollywood movie actress


    When would you marry?
    I don’t see myself marrying soon. I still look up to some people to marry before I will marry. I look up to Banky W , D’Banj , Don Jazzy to marry before me. These people are very older than I’m. Why do I need to rush into marriage?

    How do you see marriage?
    I believe it is another problem adds to your problem as a man. As you are single, you have your problems. When you marry, you just have to double the problems. I have to be very sure that I’m matured enough to manage these problems.

    Tell us your latest jobs that are getting air play now?
    I have shot couple of videos. I’m not responsible for the release date of some videos. But I can tell you that I have D’ja of Mavin. It is doing well.for now

    How expensive is COAL SIDE?
    I can’t say I’m expensive. I can’t also say I’m cheap. But I’m affordable. It is also depends on what you want. When I want to shoot a video, I listen to it. I have to develop interest in the song first for me to say I want to work on the project.

    How lucrative is Cinematography?
    It is like someone is playing football and you are getting paid. Though you can’t limit your charge with creativity so I can charge any amount I want. The job is very lucrative. I want younger people to be involved.
    What are you doing to up bring young talents as D J Tee up bring you?
    I have LAKESIDE production. Under this company, we have editors, directors, producers and so on. So what I’m doing now is to train younger people on cinematography and directing. So in 2017, people would see more projects under LAKESIDE label. Don’t get me wrong, it is still under one umbrella we are coming from.

    How competitive is the work now?
    It is very competitive currently. There are lots of musical directors. There are lots of songs coming out and artistes. I believe the space is enough for us to be comfortable. Nigerian Entertainment Industry is not as big as the America. We are moving up every day. We are shooting world class videos every day.

    Where do you want to see yourself next year?
    I want to go into television. Perhaps you might see less videos more sitcom.

    Say a shout out to your fans out there that have been following you?
    I would say a big thank you. Some people would complain about a video, we would say we are sorry. Because you were not there while the video was shot, you wouldn’t know challenges we had before the video could be shot. We are adjusting day by day. And thank you so much for the support. I promise that I will not disappoint you. THANKS

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