Radiation Island Mod Apk Unlocked Island Download

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    Radiation Island Mod Apk Unlocked Island Download

    download from source

    Radiation Island Mod Apk is an open world-adventure-action android game where you craft your own destiny. Being a part of the Philadelphia Experiment you're left in a parallel, alternate reality and mysterious world filled with surprises. To go back to the real world where you're from you have to solve puzzles using everything you find to survive.

    Radiation Island Mod Apk-Try to survive on a tropic island which suffered from radiation influence. Fight against wild animals and monsters. You will get to the parallel reality as a result of a scientific experiment. In this Android game you are going to test your survival skills on the deserted island and try to find your way home. Explore ocean coast, mountains, jungles and other picturesque locations. Craft weapons and tools of anything you can find. Look around abandoned bases and settlements. Destroy zombies and other enemies.



    - Unlocked Islands on Radiation Island Mod Apk.
    - Mysterious island: Radiation Island Mod Apk is filled with islands of mysteries and puzzles
    - Change of day and night: Radiation Island Mod Apk features real life change in day and night.
    - Craft munitions: Be creative and crafty to craft weapons and munitions to survive and don't forget to also kill wild animals to survive.
    - Exciting tasks to accomplish on Radiation Island Mod Apk.
    - Dynamic fights with different creatures and enemies on Radiation Island Mod Apk.
    - Radiation Islands Mod Apk is an offline android game.

    Source http://www.droidpost.com/2016/12/radiation-island-mod-apk-unlocked-islands-download.html

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