People are far stupider than you think

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by ItuExchange, Aug 26, 2021.

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    Lockdown 5.0 Ponderings

    Further time in lockdown gives one time to muse about the state of the world and other such things and in one of those happy coincidences that the universe throws up every now and again, two events conspired to confirm two of my deeply held beliefs.

    Whilst finishing a course of medication I was emptying the bottle and out popped one of those little silica packs that act as a desiccant. Before I lobbed it back into the bottle and threw them both away I noticed that it had written on in as large a font as you could fit on something that small – DO NOT EAT. So what has obviously happened is that someone has finished their tablets and this little white packet that looks nothing like a tablet fell out and they have eaten it. I then wondered if all these packs had the same thing written on them so I dug out some that had come with some electronic gear and lo and behold they to had the same thing written on them. Once again someone has been unpacking their new iPad, iPhone, or big arse tv and one of these has fallen out and they have gone yummy they have given me a lolly as well and promptly swallowed it. I cannot fathom why eating a silica gel pack would even enter into your head but apparently, it does.

    The second event was a news item saying that one in five Americans (of course it had to be them) believed that the Government had put a microchip in the various iterations of the COVID vaccine. I suppose I should be thankful that the number is so low given that 77% believe they are being watched by angels and one in 14 believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

    These two things reinforced in me what I call Tates Law of Stupids.

    People are far stupider than you think.
    And there are far more stupid people than you could ever imagine.
    So when you see an image such as the one below and you wonder how people could have kept buying BNB all the way down to its ultimate demise just remember there are people out there who eat silica gel packs.


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