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Discussion in 'Bitcoin Talk/Discussions' started by Eregene59, Dec 8, 2016.

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    [12/6, 1:38 PM] PRECIOUS FREGENE: It's a peer to peer donation dat offers 35% in 21days. With registration bonus ranging from 5k-50k. U can start with any amount. But only get bonus wen u start with 25k. Merging takes about 3-14days and u mavro start counting after indicating williness to provide help. Dey hav a great online support dat chat with you anytime from 7am -12am.
    [12/6, 1:38 PM] PRECIOUS FREGENE: Be financially free. join the community of people helping people and get 35% of your donation every 3 weeks on your spare fund .When registering in the system, you get from #5,000.00 to #50,000.00 as a present.

    But not everyone, only those who have contributed their own money as well. (Otherwise the System will be pulled apart. For bonuses. They will keep registering endlessly. )

    1) #5,000.00 — if you have contributed from #25,000.00 to #199,999.99. Frozen for two weeks. If you take it out earlier — you will lose five thousand.
    2) #25,000.00 — if you have contributed from #200,000.00 to #999,999.99. Frozen for a month.
    3) #50,000.00 — #1,000,000.00 and above. Also frozen for a month.

    Once again about “freezing”. Bear in mind that if you take your money out earlier,before the 21days you’ll lose registration bonus. Only the bonus! But the contribution with all the accrued interest will be paid.

    Each participant is allowed to have only one account.
    Referral bonus
    You get 10% from all deposits of the participant you invited.
    join now go to

    For more enquiries call,sms or whatsapp 07034788492

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