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Discussion in 'Android Games' started by Henryobinna, Sep 15, 2016.

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    Rival Fire mod apk is new android game from Glu.

    Features Of Rival Fire Mod Apk
    - Mod apk with unlimited blood, the mod of Rival Fire Mod Apk lets you continue shooting ayt your opponents and enemies without a stop as you have an unlimited amount of blood.
    - Online 1v1 or even 2v2 Death matches against opponents from all around the world, androidshooter games never gets so interesting till you play the online multiplayer modes against real people from other parts of the world and that's exactly what Rival Fire Mod Apk online Death Match does.
    - Battle with your friends, you could team up with your friends into groups of 4 and take on different bosses of Rival Fire Mod Apk with unlimited blood to last you through out the battles against hordes of enemies you'll face.
    - Dozens and Tons of Guns at your disposal, pick and customize any of the guns available including sniper riffles, assault riffles, LMGs and shotguns, choose the best gun that suites your shooting style on Rival Fire Mod Apk.
    - Build your squad, Take up to 3 squad mates in to battle with you. Select from a host of wild characters with their own skills and attributes to make the ultimate squad!
    Download Rival Fire MOd Apk Unlimited Blood from source

    Source: http://www.droidpost.com/2016/09/rival-fire-mod-apk-unlimited-blood-download.html

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