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Discussion in 'Bitcoin Talk/Discussions' started by Ernyy, Nov 20, 2016.

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    Ever heard of bitcoin?, its an
    ecurrency used in online
    transactions, purchases and bets. If you
    are new to bitcoin, then the basic u need
    to know is that 100million
    satoshi=1bitcoin. 1 bitcoin= $710(varies
    with sellers). And $1=300 naira. That
    means if u ever accumulate satoshi and
    make it upto 1 bitcoin, u will be
    710*300=21300 naira richer. First goto and get
    bitcoin wallet where all ur money will be
    stored( write down your bitcoin address
    after registration)that’s what u will always
    need. Secondly, goto , and
    register with them( that’s where u will
    convert your accumulated bitcoin to
    naira. Finally goto , download their
    games, register with you bitcoin address
    and play (android games). That will help u
    accumulate your satoshi. When your
    satoshi is upto 20000, they automatically
    transfer ur earnings to your bitcoin wallet
    ( transfer is done on Tuesdays). Hope
    that’s simple. Am sure u will enjoy free
    bit coins by just playing games with ur
    phone. For other ways to make free bit
    coins, join our whatsapp group

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