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    Hi Friends, i want to share with u all some of d websites have been using to accumulate some reasonable money in bitcoins/dollars/naira this past few months. Feel free to check them out and commense ur own journey of endless streams of income:

    MMM has become a brand name no doubt since inception. In fact, i love it bcos it has made many rich and still making them richer. So, if u are just hearing of mmm for the first time or u have heard about it before but have done nothing, wel here is an opportunity for u to get involved in it, participate & enjoy its benefits.

    What they do? Simple, u will be given 30% interest of any amount of money u provide as help @ d end of a month. No stress, just make your contribution, sit back and watch ur money grow.
    This type of sureBiz worth to borrow money take start sef...Lol! Interestingly, mmm is giving 50% interest for any help provided all through this december
    Check it out here:

    Just like MMM Nigeria, these guys share similar concepts and style. In fact, everything is d same except that mmmunited gives u whooping 100% interest of any amount of help provided i.e. u get ur money doubled after one month.IT IS LEGIT, PURE AND PAYIMG!!!
    Check it out:

    Pls note that after registering & clicking on send activation link, dont bother checking ur email for d activation link, just go back to site homepage, click on login & enter ur email n password u used while registering....Boom! u are good to go.
    This is another continuous flow of income. It may seem slow but steady! It is a networking biz though but one with a difference because of d wonderful packages @ each level. TEAMWORK IS D KEYWORD HERE!
    How it works?
    Simply register, then u upgrade by paying the some of #7400 naira or $20 in bitcoin to ur upliner and then u are meant share ur link. talk to friends & families about d program & thus get five[5] people who would register under u. Remember, u work as a team with ur upliner & downliners here in harmony and as such, d chain continues to grow longer & longer.
    Check it out:

    NB: Pls, ensure u have d amount above to pay before registering bcos ur account would be deleted after 72hours of registering without upgrading....Nobody wants that to happen!


    This is another networking business and operates on a 2x6 matrix. This one has been faster for me in terms of movement but in terms of benefits i prefer crowdrising. but both are just too good, so make ur choice. As for me, am a partaker of both and they have been paying. Also, the method of payment here is bitcoin only & u know what the future holds for bitcoin...smiling! Teamwork is still the game here also.
    How it works?
    Register, upgrade by paying $20 bitcoin to ur upliner and then share ur links and talk to family & friends, from where u will get just two[2] persons to register under u. U have a chance of enjoying quicker spillovers from here.
    Check it out:

    NB: Pls, ensure u have d amount above to pay before registering bcos ur account would be deleted after 72hours of registering without upgrading....Nobody wants that to happen!

    I call this my bitcoin networking! Unlike the previous 2 networking programs, this requires a very small amount[0.005btc/ $3.5] to start but then u stand a chance of getting upto 82bitcoins depending on how active u get. Payment is bitcoin only! it requires 3persons under u.
    As usual, register, upgrade by paying 0.005bitcoin, network & get 3 persons to join under u who willl pay u 0.005btc each.
    Pls, join my team with the link below lets grow u & continue to grow together[Teamwork].

    Paying bitcoin mining site!
    Pays 1% of ur investment daily for 200days. There are other packages though, so check them out..very legit!

    Solidcoins pays u 4% daily of ur investment forever, they are still paying
    Cryptocity gives u double of ur investment in 15-20days, check out d different packages & make ur choice here
    Coinisland has many different packages that will suit u, check it out:

    These sites are paying till date, so avail urself d opportunity and make money...GOD BLESS U!

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