Mistakes people make when going to Canada

Discussion in 'Tech Discussions' started by ItuExchange, Jan 22, 2020.

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    What mistakes are immigrants making while migrating to Canada?

    Overestimating employment opportunities. If you’re a member of a profession, expect to go down a step or two and be ready to re-prove your abilities. Almost certainly, we will do things differently here. For example, one of the biggest hurdles to foreign trained physicians is the way they treat patients, in other words the way doctors used to treat patients in Canada - with little respect and a condescending attitude.

    Underestimating housing costs. Even in a less expensive market like Montreal housing will take a big chunk out of your pay. That bungalow you lived in back home will set you back $800K in Toronto. Apartments generally go for $2K a month. It’s a shock even if you come from many places in the United States where housing costs are a quarter of that or less.

    Not knowing how to do things yourself. At home, you may have had servants or family members doing routine things. You will have to do all your own cooking, laundry, driving (!), shopping and, of course, child care. You can of course try to hire such people in Canada, but it’s prohibitively expensive.


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