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    I'm sure by now you already know about various schemes through which you can make some 'easy' money; well, this post focuses on one of them. I also know that the long vacation one of them took might have poisoned your mind against similar schemes but I can tell you this...this one is new and so it still has a long time to stay before anything happens...if it does. Now let's cut to the chase.

    It's called Donation Hub. Here's what you need to know about it:

    1. Your earnings are at N500 = $1 exchange rate. I.e you donate and receive at that rate.
    2. You choose who to donate to and how much you’ll like to donate. No waiting to be merged with anyone.
    3. You earn interest on your donations.
    4. Your money is paid into your local bank account by donator (there’re equally other means of payment you can choose From).
    5. You earn $15 per referral.
    6. You earn $10 sign up on sign up (recently removed).
    7. Minimum donation is $35 for weekly based instant donation and …
    8. The banks don’t collect any charge for your transactions.

    Types of Donation

    1. Instant Donation:
    This has a maturity period of 7 days and 20% of your initial investment together with initial investment will be paid to you as a donation by another donor after 7 days.

    2. Scheduled Donation:
    This has a maturity period of 30 days and 50% of your initial investment together with your initial investment will be paid to you as a donation by another donor after 30 days. A percentage of your donation is held pack for you and will equally be released to you on completion of your transaction

    Call 08138557854 for enquires.

    How To Receive A Donation

    You must FIRST be a Donor or Donate to someone before you are donated to.

    1. Click on this link to get registered
    2. Confirm your registration by clicking on the link in your email address.
    3. On the “DASHBOARD” click on “BANK” and fill in the details of your bank account if you’ll like local bank deposit or you can choose any other platform for receiving your donations and save it.
    4. Click on “Make Donation” on the “Dashboard“.
    5. Select “Instant Donation” or “Scheduled Donation” options by clicking “Continue”.
    6. If you select “Instant Donation” it will take you to a page where you choose who to donate to. Click the recipient and be sure to pay within the next 24 hours.

    Note: You must make the donation by paying into the receivers bank account (if it’s the mode of payment for the receiver) within the specified time frame. This is to keep the receiver from making any complaint about your failure to do so. You could be banned from the platform when you fail to make the donation/payment.
    7. The system will now take you to the page where you can view the status of your activities and view the receiver's details of payment to enable you make the payment.
    8. Click on “View Details” to get all the information about the receivers payment details.
    Please call the receiver via his/her mobile number to inform him/her when you’re making the payment and your username.
    9. When making the payment, please use your “Username” as the name of the depositor if it’s bank deposit option.
    10. Call the receiver about your payment and login into your account and click “Outgoing Donation” on the “Dashboard“. Here you’ll be taken to a page to confirm your payments.
    Yes, click on “Paid“. Once the receiver gets the alert he/she will then confirm your payment after which you’ll now be in queue to receive a donation.

    This program can only succeed if you’re honest and sincere. Donate and get Donated To….

    Follow this link to register now and make money easily.

    Call me if you have questions. 08138557854

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