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    Make money just by watching video
    Don't dull start watching they have being in existence since 2006

    At the moment, the cost of one minute of a promotional video is 50 cents.
    It's easy: for 1 hour of work, you can earn 30.00 dollars.
    If you work at least 3 hours a day, your daily earnings will be $ 90.00,
    and in one month it would be 2700 dollars.
    According to the results of conducted surveys, the site is currently the leading system among other systems of paid video viewing. You can see it for yourself!
    Top earnings for the previous day

    At the request of the user, money is withdrawn from the system within 1 hour during working hours, or within 3-4 hours during non-working hours (including holidays and weekends).
    We provide a choice of several payment systems, with the help of which you can withdraw the money earned
    At the moment, withdrawal is possible to the bank cards of any foreign banks, bank accounts, Bitcoin wallets, and PayPal (through the Western Union payment system)
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