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    Hello, have u ever imagine what N1000 ONLY can do to u by changing ur status for life?

    Pls Read through!!!

    Provide Help of just 1,000 Naira ONLY and Get GUARANTEED Help of over 200,000 Naira within 30 DAYS!*

    Details of the system:

    It's a networking business called E COOPERATIVE It's a program that makes you money while you sleep!

    E cooperative is a peer to peer payment platform where you pay others and others pay you too.

    This simply connotes that there is NO central account where money is paid and disbursed, rather, members pay directly to each other in order of uplines and downlines.


    STAGE 1

    Level 1:
    Here you register with just 1,000 naira and you will be automatically paired with a NIGERIAN member from any part of the country which you pay the 1,000 naira to.

    Upon confirmation by the person, you will be automatically matched by the System to receive payment of 1,000 naira from 4 members, giving you a total of 4,000 naira.

    Level 2:

    After receiving your payment of 4,000 naira, you upgrade to level 2 by paying 2,500 naira (from the 4,000 naira you got from LEVEL 1) to a member in level 2 which the system will pair with you. When your payment is confirmed, you will be automatically matched to receive 2500 naira from 16 persons, which is 40,000 naira.

    LEVEL 3:
    Here, you pay 5,000 naira (from the 40,000 naira you got from LEVEL 2) to a member matched with you. When your payment is confirmed,you will be automatically matched to receive 5000 naira from 64 persons, which is 320,000 naira.

    LEVEL 4:
    Here, you pay 10,000 naira (from the 320,000 naira you got from LEVEL 3) to a member matched with you. When your payment is confirmed, you will be automatically matched to receive 10,000 naira from 256 persons, which is 2,560,000 naira.

    * STAGE 2
    On stage 2, you will make over 40 million naira! But for now, let's focus on Stage 1.

    Differences b/w this system and other network businesses :

    This system is unique. I will highlight it here:


    I've always had problems with other similar systems where someone has to get started with over 5000 naira....I have always asked WHERE DOES AN AVERAGE NIGERIA WHO BARELY STRUGGLES TO EAT FIND THIS HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY? CAN'T WE HAVE A SYSTEM FOR THE POOR AND BROKE TO GET THEM FROM NOTHING TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM?
    So when I saw ecooperative just 1,000 naira to get started which earns you hundreds of thousands in couple of days, I decided to do my research about it and get the word across to everyone. ANYONE CAN GET STARTED HERE IN A MATTER OF MINUTES!

    Please this is a serious OPPORTUNITY for ONLY serious PEOPLE.

    Use the link below to get yourself registered or call 08141656572 for enquiry
    Register here
    Courtesy: Richiehortiz

    With just 1,000 Naira ONLY, you Get GUARANTEED Help of over 200,000 Naira within 30 DAYS!* Group

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    How to Make Money from e-Cooperative

    For you to be part of this business, you need the following.
    A Nigerian bank account.

    A phone number.

    An e-mail address [optional].

    Stage 1

    You give Jane [your sponsor] ?1,000 and invite 4 persons to join you in the cooperative.
    This four persons will give you ?1,000 each amounting to N4,000.

    To move to level 2,
    you CLICK on upgrade and Anie’s account details appear.
    Note that the figurative Anie in the above is the person who brought your sponsor [Jane].
    You give N2,500 to Anie, and when the 16 persons that your initial 4 persons want to upgrade to level 2,
    you will receive N2, 500 from each 16 persons. What that means is that you will earn N40,000.

    When you give Ifiok [the third person above] N5,000, you will receive N320,000 from your 64 persons when they are moving up to level 3.

    When you give Emma [the fourth person above you] N10,000, your 256 persons when moving up to level 4 will give you N10,000 each summing up to N2,560,000.*

    Register through this link

    For further enquiries, You can reach me on my mobile via call or whatsapp : 08139566950 and 08073003763

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