Kemi Olunloyo says she doesn't read the Bible because it's fake

Discussion in 'Breaking News Nigeria' started by Cvictor, Dec 23, 2016.

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    Controversial journalist and daughter of former governor, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, has once again sparked controversy following her disclosure about her hatred for the Bible.

    Kemi who is known for airing her opinion without caring about whose ox is gored, decided to share a 'christmas' message with her fans on her Instagram page.

    According to her, she used to be a Bible-believing christian, but has changed her mind about that because she has discovered the Bible which is highly revered, is fake.
    In her post, she explained why she thinks so. See what she wrote below:
    Many of you fans all over social are asking me how I knew about Jesus and God if not the Bible. Stupid dumbass question. The answer is FROM MY UGLY SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER who told us stories. I don't believe or read the Bible. I will never touch it again. It is full of fake stories. God NEVER ENDORSED the Bible! He asked us to worship him directly not thru a book or pastor. If more people were spiritual like me rather than being religious, this will be a better world.
    I became a born again spiritual being Sunday December 25th 2011 and now this Sunday December 25th 2016 #Kesus is back. Remember Kesus, my spiritual name. I don't do church, don't respect pastors or read the Bible. So many versions of it too. That King James (Lebron) version is the FAKEST! The real King in the biblical days was not even A CHRISTIAN and his royal biblicalness had no business writing a BIBLE.

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