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    What is TBC or THE BILLION COIN. it is a crypto currency or internet currency/money use to buy any product or services to co member of TBC or to the TBC community around the world. The value of TBC is increasing everyday from 1-5%, it never goes down because its value is based on the number of new verified members.. and the number of member always goes up it never goes down..
    if you buy 100 TBC today after 1 year your 100 TBC is already worth 1 million or more.
    if you buy 50 TBC today in 1 year and 6 months it is already worth 1 million or more.
    if you buy 25 TBC today after 2 years it is already worth 1 million or more.

    if you buy 10 TBC after 3 years it is already worth 1 million or more..
    if you buy 1 TBC today after 5 years it is already worth million or more.

    The current rate
    Has at Monday 31st October was sold for N22,000; As at January 6th 2017, 1Tbc is sold for N244,089
    You see the price always go up..

    If your really interested in becoming a stakeholder am offering a discount price of N15,000 if you buying less than 10 coin and N10,000 if your buying more then 10.
    Since I started selling at this rate buyers are rushing it. Hurry now before the price change.

    For Enquiry
    Whatsapp or call us

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