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    You .... Pay ur upline 0.03btc ( LEVEL 1 UPGRADE)
    Then two people will pay u 0.03x2= 0.06btc

    You Upgrade with 0.05 from the 0.06btc – profit of 0.01 btc ( LEVEL 2 UPGRADE)

    Your downlines get their own two people each

    Next time u are due for their payments

    The four 2nd downlines pay u 0.05 x 4= 0.2btc

    You upgrade with 0.1btc and the other 0.1 as profit (LEVEL 3 UPGRADE)

    The eight 3rd downlines will pay you 0.1btc each making it 0.1 * 8 = 0.8btc

    You upgrade with 0.2btc keep the 0.6 as your profit (LEVEL 4 UPGRADE)

    The sixteen 4th downlines will pay you 0.2 btc each, makinh 0.2 * 16 = 3.2 btc

    You upgrade with 1 btc and keep the 2.2 as your profit ( LEVEL 5 UPGRADE)

    Thirty-two 5th downlines will pay you 1 btc each.
    32 * 1btc = 32 btc
    Upgrade with 2 btc and keep the 30 btc as your profit. Wow!!! ( LEVEL 6 UPGRADE)

    Sixty-four 6th downlines will pay you 2 btc each.
    64 * 2 btc = 128 btc

    Very much possible to get to level 6 quickly if we embrace teamwork and get to work with out together

    ......with these u shd b able to understand the structure how it works
    Note : After joining you have only 24 hrs to upgrade your account with 0.03 btc, Failure to comply the individual will be blocked from the system automatically.
    pls ensure to upgrade within 24 hrs.
    Join to learn more...

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